SF vis-a-vis modernism and prog-rock

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Last semester I taught a class on Science Fiction and another on Modernism. They had more in common than I might have thought, so I wrote an article about that. This morning, that article was published by OMNI (especially fitting … Continued

What I’ve Been Reading

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In short, lots. Since the beginning of summer, I’ve read (or reread): Zero K, Don DeLillo Six Years, Harlen Coben Kiss the Girls, James Patterson London Fields, Martin Amis Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind, Yuval Noah Harari This Changes … Continued


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Yesterday I spoke to a couple of hundred students in my friend Pete Barraza’s classes at Samohi (Santa Monica High School) about writing, persistence, killing darlings, publishing, books, BMX, guitar, defamiliarization, East of Eden, Oprah Winfrey, James Frey, “The Dead,” plot, character(ization), … Continued

Oahu readings

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I’ve been doing a bunch of readings around Oahu and failing to document them, in part because after the first of them I came down with a 104-degree fever that threw me off my game for a minute. Mainly, though, … Continued

Ko`olau Writers Workshop

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Yesterday I had the pleasure of running a session at the Ko’olau Writer’s Workshop in Kaneohe. If there’s a more beautiful campus on the planet, I’d like to know about it. I did a lesson entitled “Exercises in Style,” inspired … Continued

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