R.I.P. William Gass

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In honor of William Gass’s recent death, here is an article I once wrote about his text-image hybrid Willie Masters’ Lonesome Wife. The Textual Gratification of Willie Masters’ Lonesome Wife Having read a Paris Review interview in which Gass dismissed Willie Masters’ … Continued

School visits: Germantown, Episcopal, and Radnor

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Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve visited three PA high schools: Germantown Academy, Episcopal Academy, and Radnor High School. I was especially keen on learning about their different philosophies regarding libraries and learning-commons-type spaces. Here are some notes from … Continued

Autumn Varia

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  I’ve been a very bad blogger lately. But for good reason! My new novel is coming along at a good clip, and I don’t want to interrupt my progress for anything. Some stuff I’ve been meaning to blog about: … Continued

Edgar Allen Poe House

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Today my family and I visited the Edgar Allen Poe House in Philly. Despite my being a long-time fan of the macabre who grew up less than ten miles away, I had never been there before. Poe was born in … Continued

Swarthmore College

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Last Friday, I paid a visit to my former-student-cum-friend, Maya Kikuchi, at Swarthmore College. I grew up not far from the campus and had been there a few times in the past, but I’m not sure I ever noticed how … Continued

The Science of Pixar

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A few weeks back I took my kids to an exhibit at the Franklin Institute called The Science Behind Pixar. I’m very fond of Pixar’s work, practically all of it, but in particular Toy Story 3, Up, and The Good … Continued

Kelly Writers House

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I don’t remember when I first heard of Kelly Writers House, but it’s been on my radar for years. Today I finally paid a visit. What a great idea/spot/institution. The house–it’s literally one, though it has no full-time residents (it … Continued

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