Since losing his fiancée some years ago, atheist biologist Sam Rogers has blazed a trail in immortality studies. He’s learned an awful lot about life and death. But when he discovers a mysterious hole beneath his sofa one morning, he’s forced to reckon with all that is unmasterable about the universe—and some of it has tentacles.

Published as a part of Amazon's “Kindle Singles” curated publishing program, this novella is a quick read at roughly 27,500 words. Available at the exhilarating low price of $1.99 here. If you don’t have a Kindle, you can read it on just about any of other type of screen if you download the reading app here.

Praise and Reviews

"A Google search reveals more than 87 million results equating love in some way to a black hole, but no one has taken the concept quite as far as fiction writer M. Thomas Gammarino has in his imaginative Kindle Single Jellyfish Dreams. One day, Sam Rogers drops his bookmark while reading, bends down to retrieve it, and finds a black hole under his couch. Sam tries to make sense of it, but the black hole, as you might imagine, is not forthcoming. As word slips out, and scientists and religious fanatics swarm to the hole, Sam finds himself fleeing to the memories of a lost love, and to a bizarre conclusion: he must bring her back from the dead. Gammarino, author of Big in Japan: A Ghost Story, has woven a wonderfully strange tale that conjures up both the weirdest works of Philip K. Dick and the timeless love story of Orpheus and Eurydice." – Benjamin Moebius, Amazon

"Gammarino writes with the quick eloquence and absurdity of a modern Donald Barthelme, as if he holds his jokes in his cheeks and spits them out at the right moment. He’s satirical of our devotion to capital-U Unknowns–the hole simultaneously representing faith, science and the void of love, and illustrating that the subscribers to each of these opposing philosophies (“Mystics & Skeptics”) are essentially the same: mere believers." — James Cave, Huffington Post, read the full review here 

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