Ulysses at the Rosenbach, and “Ugly Prose” in The Writer

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James Joyce’s Ulysses has been my favorite novel for something like twenty years now, so one of the thrills of this sabbatical year has been living near the Rosenbach Museum and Library, where on June 16 I got to take part in their annual Bloomsday celebration, and where, yesterday, I got to spend four hours with the original handwritten manuscript. What a trip.





I haven’t actually seen the issue yet, but I have an article in the August issue of The Writer magazine–“Ugly Prose: The Virtues of Very Bad Sentences”–alongside my friend YiShun Lai, who, by a truly remarkable coincidence, grew up in the same small PA town I did before moving to California as a kid. Should you happen by a well-stocked newsstand in August, consider taking a look.


The Writer


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